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Why Train With me

I believe that anything is possible with hard work and consistency. With the right guidance, you can achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean you need to restrict yourself from the things and food you love, it’s about creating balance within our busy lives. I will be the first to tell you there is no quick-fix, you do have to work hard and be patient with the journey. I say it everyday, fitness is a journey, not a destination. “Are we there yet?” doesn’t exist! We commit to it as a lifestyle. And believe me when I say this; living a healthy lifestyle is not a one-size fits all . There is no cookie cutter formula for every person.

My goal for all my clients is to help them learn about their bodies, understand how nutrition fuels and effects their bodies, and provide them the right training plan to achieve goals they set for themselves. I want you to feel confident, sexy, and empowered in your skin.

Together we will create a road map for your fitness journey. My training is tailored and customized to your individual needs. Everyone’s plan looks a bit different depending on your goals. I am skilled to work through any existing injuries and create a workout regimen to avoid future injury. My goal is keep you healthy, fit and injury free!

Here is what my client Tone says about her experience working with me:

“I started training with Kayla 6 months ago to recover from an injury. Together with my physical therapist she found ways to strengthen my muscles. However, after a few months of training with Kayla and doing cardio I realized that exercise was not enough to lose weight. With Kayla’s help I set out to change my mindset and eat differently. The thought of losing my “Think Thin bar” in the morning was frightening. But, I stayed strong and said goodbye to some of the sugary and processed foods I knew I shouldn’t be eating.

That was 8 weeks ago and here I am now…. I feel energized, without the energy crashes I used to feel, and my stamina is stronger and I am down 10 lbs and even more incredible 4% body fat! I surprised myself with my strong determination and how easily I could give up certain foods. I have had an occasional glass of wine, but I am so mindful now. I love that I have persevered and pushed myself every day. It has given me a strong sense of accomplishment. I will continue to push myself, and can enjoy a treat every now and then. But the mindfulness is so important in deciding what I eat. I find it much easier to stick to healthy habits that way. Old habits might be hard to break, but it is never too late.” Tone Meisel

To say I am proud of Tone would be an understatement! We made small lifestyle changes that she committed to and she stayed consistent with her nutrition and fitness plan. I would love to help YOU make the changes you desire to make in your life and help you with your fitness journey.

Send me a message and let’s get you started.

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