Who Am I?

I am a mom, married, personal trainer, fitness enthusiast, student of all things, lover of life, and entrepreneur.

I have been involved in fitness for over 20 years, that love began as a very small child growing up as a dancer. Movement was my medicine (especially movement to music).

Dance was everything to me; expression, happiness, socialization, a place where I knew I belonged. Never did I think all of those years ago that it would set the stage for the rest of my life.

That love evolved into fitness as I grew up and moved on in my life. My love for fitness led me to my first job in a health club at 18 because it was the only way I could afford a gym membership! Never did I think I would fall in love with it the way I fell in love with dancing. Love at first sight really. My goal and my action now is to inspire as many individuals as I can, and to show everyone including myself and my children how remarkable our bodies are and how privileged we are to move. I am always reminding my clients to turn to gratitude of “an able body” when those last reps get tough! With so many people out there that don’t have the choice to move, we should never take the ability to move for granted!


My children inspire me to be my best self everyday. Before motherhood I was driven but not with the same sense of purpose I have now. I set the example for them. My mother once told me, your children will not listen to your words, they will follow your footsteps.

Living a life by example is what I strive to do daily. Through choosing to take care of myself and be of service to others, I am not only able to teach my children, but my clients, too, the value of taking care of themselves so that they are better able to take care of others and pay it forward.

I am grateful I get to wake up each day and do a job I genuinely love.

My Message to the World

Be your best you and live YOUR best life!

While everyone’s goals for living their best life are different, being your best always starts with taking care of YOU and your body. I want to help as many as I can find that passion for their own health and well-being.

Wellness, health and leadership have always been the center point of my life, and the dedication I have for achieving my own personal fitness goals has given me the desire and fortitude to help others attain theirs. Together, I will help you recognize your health and fitness has to be with purpose.

With a plan and individualized tailored program, I will take you to a higher level, give you the ability to reach your goals and achieve both balance and wellness.

Remember, the journey in life you are ready for is the one you will take.

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